Welcome to Retter Capital Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisory Firm headquartered in Melbourne, Florida.  The firm was founded by Edwin K. Retter, Managing Member, as an independent source for investment advisory services.


At RCM, we focus on individual client needs and offer truly personalized attention.  Our service philosophy begins by listening to clients, creating a shared vision, then helping them execute informed financial decisions in a complex world.  This goes beyond a simple passion to always "do the right thing" for clients.  As a fee-only fiduciary, we take pride in acting in a client's best interest at all times, carrying out the highest standard of care when providing advice, thereby removing potential conflicts of interest which can exist in conventional brokerage and other financial advisory settings.

RCM believes the financial markets are controlled by the timeless forces of supply and demand—buyers and sellers agreeing on a price at which to exchange a stock, bond, commodity or other asset.  Economic, regulatory and geopolitical events are just a few of the more prominent factors that influence the supply/demand relationship and, thus, market prices.  Even in the digital age, however, individuals still make the ultimate decision to buy or sell.  As a result, the powerful emotions of fear, hope and greed are driving factors in price changes. 

In short, markets are dynamic.  Stocks, bonds, commodities and other assets can rotate in or out of favor for long periods of time, and market turmoil can shake investor confidence and create the potential to execute the wrong investment strategy at the wrong time.  The bear market of 2000-2002, along with the market’s collapse in 2008, are recent periods that rattled even the most steadfast asset allocation plans, begging the question: "Is there a better way to monitor and manage risk?"

We believe in clearly understanding client goals and risk tolerance.  Remaining adaptive to changing market conditions may require active consultation and portfolio adjustments when appropriate.  Clients deserve the best opportunity to reach their goals independent of historical market performance.

Check in for updates to this website as we construct a concise summary of services offered, which will include personalized financial solutions, tactical and strategic asset allocation (guidance, recommendations and ongoing management), and financial practice consultation—all with an objectivity and high level of personalized service the marketplace demands.   

Confidential inquiries may be made to 321.610.1223 or by emailing info@rettercapital.com.

Prior to establishing his own firm, Edwin was employed for 15 years at Raymond James & Associates in Melbourne.  During this time he was an integral part of a highly successful practice and specialized in client service, client advisory and portfolio management roles, as well as business management functions.  As an active affiliate member of the Market Technicians Association since 2011, he is enrolled in their Chartered Market Technician program, a multi-year, self-study curriculum in the field of technical analysis.  Edwin holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in Aviation Management & Flight, with Honors, from the Florida Institute of Technology and is an FAA-certificated commercial pilot.  Born in Frankfurt, Germany and spending his formative years in the northeastern United States, Edwin resides in Melbourne with his wife, Traci.



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