Colleagues Once, Colleagues Again

It is with great pleasure I announce the most significant enhancement to our practice since its formation in 2013: Rebecca Zegles is joining RCM as our firm’s Operations Director.  

Rebecca Zegles joins Edwin Retter at Retter Capital Management

Rebecca Zegles joins Edwin Retter at Retter Capital Management

Colleagues Once

For those clients who have been working with me for many years, you may remember her as Rebecca Stafford from our time together at Raymond James, as we worked closely on the same team for over ten years.  With over 20 years of financial services experience, she is a true veteran.

Starting in the business as a part-time research assistant in the late 1990s and quickly advancing to our exclusive Registered Client Service Associate, she was vital to supporting our practice which grew substantially in the 2000s.  

In 2010, seeking more autonomy, she departed on her terms and joined together with an independent financial adviser, Mark Parsons, in Vero Beach.  Despite being a smaller practice, her responsibilities grew to include all operational and client-related activities as well as compliance.  

Colleagues Again

Fortunately, as friends and colleagues do, she and I stayed in touch.  In light of Mark Parsons desiring more flexibility to anticipate retirement, and given the inexorable push toward fiduciary guidance and true independence, they departed Raymond James to form their own Registered Investment Adviser, Parsons Financial Group, LLC.  This path is similar to the one I took several years ago when forming Retter Capital Management (RCM), with a focus on providing fiduciary-level guidance, transparency and financial advisory services.

She will continue with Mark Parson’s practice, supporting it in its transition over the summer, but she will be located in our Melbourne office beginning in August as she also works for RCM.  Her duties here are still taking shape, but I am eager to have her assist in multiple areas, including client service, operations and financial planning support. It has been a responsibility and privilege to wear all these business “hats” over the years.  That said, with the practice growing steadily--and my desire to continue to work closely with each and every one of you--it is time for some help in the next phase.

Suffice to say, I consider the timing of Rebecca’s transition (and the ability for us to work together again after nine years) as rather divine.

What To Expect

As I mentioned, I am still working through Rebecca’s future duties with RCM.  Your ability to reach out to me won’t change. You may also hear from her as well as time goes by.  For our local clients, don’t be surprised to see her next time you stop by the office.

Contact Information

In the coming weeks, Rebecca can be reached via our main office number 321 610 1223 and eventually via email [email protected].  She looks forward to meeting new clients and reconnecting with those from the “old days.”

Please join me in welcoming Rebecca to RCM.  We are excited to work together to serve you and your family in the years ahead!