Like the weather, market conditions are always changing. Your firm may provide you with quality fundamental research, but there may be something lacking if that is your sole method of investment selection and management.

How can we help you do an even better job for your clients?

Through confidential, one-on-one consultation, RCM can augment your firm's data and help you do a better job for your clients, assisting you personally with the following services:

  • Independent technical analysis of financial markets
  • Asset class, sector, and individual investment analysis
  • Conflict-free recommendations combining fundamental and technical analysis disciplines
  • Concentrated position analysis and management
  • Risk-managed solutions for changing market conditions
  • Ongoing business consultation

What sets you apart from every other adviser?

You have worked hard to attract and retain clients in an ever-changing financial services sector. Gone are the days when individuals needed you for quotes, full-commission trades or “access” to expensive, oftentimes underperforming, mutual funds or proprietary products.  Many firms have reduced adviser compensation for all but top-tier producers, yet all advisers are still charged with helping clients achieve their goals and doing so with their best interests in mind—even more so with new DOL rules governing financial advice.
Robo-advisers have reduced or nearly eliminated investment management fees for strategic asset allocation. Individuals now have access to unprecedented amounts of data to help (or hinder) them in making their own decisions, if they are so inclined. So, what sets you and your firm-provided investment allocations apart from every other adviser?
For those advisers already managing client investments, what criteria do you use to select and monitor investments? How do you know what asset classes and sectors are in and out of favor? Have you purchased a stock or fund on your firm’s recommended list, then watched as it declined precipitously in the face of strong “fundamentals"?

To that note, what is your process for managing risk in each trade? If the fundamentals are so attractive, how could a stock become worthless like certain energy entities did alongside the collapse in oil prices? And how many energy analysts predicted oil would fall 70% in under two years?

Once again, market conditions can change. Since it may not always be smooth sailing, remaining adaptive to these changes can help you guide your clients safely from Point A to Point B.

RCM continues to accept a limited number of adviser engagements.  Inquire confidentially and without obligation by emailing [email protected]